What are your COVID-19 Protocols?

We supply all of our crew with reusable masks and disposable wipes. We will wipe ourselves out of your home and dispose of them in a poop bag (because we have SO MANY poop bags), and use hand sanitizer before entering our vehicle to prevent cross contamination between households.

How often will you visit my pets?

For the health and safety of your beloved pets we have minimum visit requirements, this policy is not negotiable. We will happily visit more often based on your pets needs.
Dogs:  Minimum of 3 visits a day.
Cats, exotic birds, rabbits, pocket pets: Minimum of 1 visit a day.
Chickens: Minimum of 2 visits a day

Will you let my dog off leash?

No, unless you have a physical fence or an underground fence that we know is fully operational at the time of our visits.

Why aren’t you using my extendable dog leash?

When your dog is in the care of an IYDH team member we are responsible for their safety.  If your dog is on an extendable leash we are not able to keep your dog close to us and give us the ability to protect them from an unexpected off leash animal.

Will you let my indoor/outdoor cat outside?

No, unless you have a cat enclosure or your cat is used to being out on a harness.  We are only at your home for a brief time and cannot guarantee that your cat won’t wander or return prior to our completing our visit.  This policy is for the safety and well being of your cat while on our watch.

Will you take my dog to a dog park?

No, unfortunately dog parks are not always a safe environment and the staff of IYDH cannot control the actions of other dog owners or their dogs.

What kind of pets do you care for?

We care for a variety of pets! From dogs and cats to bunnies, reptiles, chickens. We can take care of pretty much any legal household pet.

Does it cost more if we have multiple pets?

We charge by time not by number of pets for both our drop-in services and dog walking. If we are dropping-in or walking one pet or two it will be the same price.

Some exceptions may exist but we will discuss these situations during the booking process if they should arise.

What if my pet requires medication or has special needs?

We will make every effort to administer your pets medications as directed.
All crew members are trained in pet first aid and CPR.  If you have a shy cat we cannot guarantee they will cooperate any may recommend you board them with your veterinarian.

What if something happens to my pets or home while I am away?

First, we try contacting you. Second, we try your emergency contact.

If anything happens to your pets and we cannot reach you or your emergency contact, we will immediately take them to the veterinarian. We will do our best to take your pet to their regular veterinarian, but if it is an emergency, we will take them to the closest emergency veterinary hospital. 

If the issue is with your home and we cannot reach you or your emergency contact we will use our discretion to handle whatever the issue is.

What kind of communication will I receive while I am away?

We will contact you at each arrival and departure with updates and photos. This ensures you know we have visited the contracted amount of visits. Based on your preference we will text, email or use WhatsApp. 

Why do you also offer boarding?

Each dog is different and while many dogs prefer to stay at home in their own environment, some would prefer to come play with other dogs while their owners are away.