Laura Anderson – Owner/Operator

Ask anyone who knows me, I adore my animals! They are much more to me than just pets, they are my family. As long as I can remember our family had cats and dogs. I have cared for cats, dogs, lizards, fish, chickens, rabbits & guinea pigs.

Several years ago my husband and I decided boarding our dogs in a kennel was no longer a desirable situation.

We made the decision that leaving them in our home would be much less stressful, not only for the dogs, but us as well. The problem was, who would do this for us?

I have been pet/house sitting for friends, neighbors and family for years. These same people were very willing to help out but unfortunately, we could never make the schedules work. I wanted consistency for our dogs. During this search not only did I find my professional pet sitter but I found my new career path!

I am thrilled to be starting this journey as a business owner, doing something I love, spending time with animals. My entire professional background is steeped in service industries, including retail management, a staffing agency and office management for several landscaping companies so it is a natural fit that I want to continue in a service industry.

I have been a resident of Southern Chester County for 24 years and currently have 3 Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs.

Robert Anderson – Part Time Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

Bob has a love of all animals. He is a lifelong resident of Kennett Square and grew up spending time on his family’s horse farm helping care for the horses and cows.

He has always had dogs and cats in his life. Animals seem to naturally gravitate to Bob and lucky for him, his full time job allows him the benefit of meeting his customer’s animals while on his service calls. Bob’s professional background also comes from a service background, owning his own contracting business and working for various local contractors as well.